Quality Engine and Bilge Cleaning Services in Fort Lauderdale, FL, at Affordable Prices ABC boat engine and bilge cleaning service in Fort Lauderdale keeps your boat and the environment clean. With the marine industry responsible for over 3% of global carbon dioxide emissions, bilges are one of the biggest sources of marine pollution. The bilges are designed to collect oil, fuel, anti-freeze, transmission fluids, paint chips and other detritus but when these fluids are pumped overboard it has a major negative impact on the environment.


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Our Quick Clean for boat engines and bilges is our basic service...

Our Quick Clean for boat engines and bilges is our basic service. Affordable Bilge Cleaning uses emulsifiers and hand scrubbing to remove loose rust.


Our Deep Clean for boat engines and bilges is our more...

Our Deep Clean for boat engines and bilges is our more thorough service. Following the same PREPARATION procedures.


We paint to your requirements and make...

We paint to your requirements and make the engine and components look like new.


The last thing a boat owner wants for his/her boat is a musty, diesel smell piled up in the vessel, with an accumulation of dirt and grime over the surface. With over 3 years of experience in engine and bilge cleaning, ABC has constantly evolved the process through the latest technology and modernization of the method. Our team of experts with in-depth knowledge of the approach strives to achieve the highest level of service with zero downtime.

Our vast experience includes:
➔ Standard Engine & Bilge cleaning service with hand scrub and low pressure steam and hot water.
➔ Deep Cleaning including loose paint and rust removal/treatment
➔ Refurbishment to restore the area to its original condition.

Our team ensures the use of non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning agents and degreaser to ensure no damage to the surface of your boat.We then pump the emulsified sludge into our truck and wash the bilge with high-pressure water, followed by evacuation of residual fluids for proper sanitation, safety, and alacrity even at the lowest compartments of a ship or vessel.

Apart from meeting your basic bilge cleaning expectations, our experts are in compliance with state and government law and go above and beyond to bring you the ABC difference which includes:

➢ Impeccable cleaning
➢ Timely completion
➢ Latest equipment and cleaning practices
➢ Non-hazardous chemicals that don’t release harmful gases
➢ Compliant to EPA standards
➢ Unmatched customer services
➢ Prompt communication
➢ Complete satisfaction

Our engine and bilge cleaning service in Southeast Florida and surrounding areas will reach you whether afloat or on the hard. Contact us to answer your questions and to schedule an appointment.

Whether you are looking for basic cleaning or something more customized, our ABC team can help you with a plan that fits your unique boat needs and budget. Our integrity and dedication towards quality have helped us forge strong, long-lasting relationships with captains and boat owners looking for reliable engine and bilge cleaning in Miami, FL, and around.

Combined with clearly defined steps and scheduled time, our team has garnered the trust of our clients over the years that serve as an illustration of our quality, reputation, and commitment to our work. We ensure that your boat contributes to happy times. Are you looking for a boat engine and bilge cleaning service in Fort Lauderdale, FL, or anywhere else? Dial 561-666-7374 for an estimate with our quality cleaning.



We make your boat a better place to work and play.


Affordable Bilge Cleaning, LLC (ABC) has been growing it’s client base for 3+ years on Florida’s Gold Coast.


Responsibilities Are Many And Include Maintaining High Standards For Your marina Clients.


A clean place to work.The ability to clearly see and service the engine and components.


Your daily job is a challenge – – find the hidden problems!.


As a manager of a busy boat yard, a major responsibility is the ever-changing schedule.

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