As a manager of a busy boat yard, a major responsibility is the ever-changing schedule. Every disruption causes a need to balance the schedule of the resources affected – – all of which reduces Productivity. We can minimize the disruption.

Our specialty is cleaning and detailing diesel engines and bilges. Affordable Bilge Cleaning, LLC (ABC) is a local company that has perfected the cleaning process to provide several benefits to you and your customers.

Consider that the “simple” task of cleaning the engine/bilge requires that you:

    1. Identify the staff who (and when) will perform this job.
    2. Schedule cleaning to avoid conflict with equipment, tasks, and contractors.
    3. Purchase additional equipment as needed.
    4. Review progress and reschedule as needed.
    5. Update employees and prioritize the other tasks they were expected to do.
    6. Confirm OSHA certification for all workers including a review of access and egress routes for staff and location(s) for equipment.
    7. Identify sensitive areas and protect with rugs, mats, tape, foil, and plastic wrap.
    8. Confirm electric and water availability including distance to equipment and to job site.
    9. Assure availability and operating status of the equipment needed.
    10. Position equipment and install work site lighting and ventilation
    11. Assemble necessary supplies (degreaser, tyvek suit, boots, gloves, brushes, respirator, rags, cloths, etc.)
    12. Record controlled and documented pump-out and disposal of waste water.
    13. Remove all protective covers and leave the site as found.
    14. Return all equipment in working order for the next use.
    15. Assure adequate supplies on hand for the next cleaning job.
    16. Track and record time spent for billing purposes.

Tasks that are not properly executed are downstream disruptions that may require a re-scheduling of related or conflicting activities.

What is “SOFT WASH” ?

We use a “Soft Wash” to minimize the negative effects of cleaning. Typically, 90% of the components in the engine room have a protective coating including wires, cables, hoses, clamps, and most metals. When the coating is penetrated, the underlying material begins to deteriorate. Even pinholes can result in premature failure of the component. Our “SOFT WASH” uses 75% less water and pressure than the standard commercial pressure washers. Using steam and hot water along with an EPA approved non-caustic de-emulsifier, the result is, we deliver better cleaning with no harm to the protective coatings.

The immediate benefits to you, the boat yard manager, are:

  • Minimal disruption caused by using ever-changing people and procedures.
  • Our staff must pass background and reference checks.
  • Staff are graded daily on the work performed and given bonuses based on QUALITY of work, not speed.
  • Easier task scheduling and control of the cleaning process.
  • A clean place for your employees to work.
  • The ability to service and see the component parts that you are working on, with a decrease in the amount of service time needed.
  • Reduced time needed for clean-up of clothes and tools.
  • Reduced chance of accidentally transferring grease or oil to other parts of the vessel.
  • We retain all records to comply with EPA requirements

The benefits to the owner and captain include those above plus:

  • Reduced deterioration of components and structures using steam and low pressure.
  • Reduced fine potential of $5,000 for even small EPA infractions.
  • Cleaner engines will run cooler and be more efficient.
  • Better reliability and early problem detection (fluid leaks show on a clean engine pad).
  • Reduced fire hazard.
  • Reduced odors throughout the boat.
  • Our detailing leaves engine rooms and bilges ready to paint.

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