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You take pride in your vessel and the visible components may be shiny and immaculate – – but the engines and bilges rarely get attention. This is the heart of your yacht, and it is our expertise and focus. Our SOFT WASH process uses steam, hot water, and low pressure. This specialized engine cleaning service is important because high pressure will cause deterioration of the protective coating found on all engine components including hoses, clamps, cables, wires, bulkhead coatings, and even metal components. We use 75% less pressure with steam compared to typical commercial washers which yields better results with much less effect on engine components and coatings. We cover all areas along our path before we start and leave it pristine..


The benefits to the captain/owner include those above, plus:

  1. A clean environment in which to work and perform routine engine inspections.
  2. Clean engines run cooler and are more efficient.
  3. Reduced odor throughout the vessel.
  4. Reduced clean-up time for equipment and clothes.
  5. Reduced likelihood of accidentally soiling other parts of the boat.
  6. A more thorough mechanical inspection as a result of being able to see all components and connections.
  7. Improved reliability and early problem detection with clean engine diapers.
  8. Leaves engine rooms and bilges ready to paint.
  9. Reduced fire hazard.
  10. Reduced deterioration of components and structures caused by high pressure wash.
  11. Reduced likelihood of a potential fine of $5,000 for even small EPA infractions of oil/fuel spills.
  12. The managers of ABC have a combined total of 40+ years of marine experience. Our service is completely portable and self-contained.
  13. All waste products are removed and disposed of according to EPA “chain-of-custody” rules.
  14. We are licensed and insured, and work with the major yards in the Fort Lauderdale area.
  15. Please contact us if we can provide a free site visit and an estimate for our service.
  16. We provide a quick response and look forward to hearing from you. 561-666-7374

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