Your daily job is a challenge – – find the hidden problems!

A marine surveyor usually undertakes pre-purchase inspection and insurance surveys, litigation surveys, appraisals, valuations and new building supervision. You are expected to inspect a vessel to find the (sometimes hidden) problems, deficiencies, and sub-standard components that affect the vessel’s safety and value. Toward this end, we can help you do it quicker and better.

Affordable Bilge Cleaning, LLC (ABC), provides a specialized engine/bilge cleaning service that will benefit both you, the surveyor, and your clients. Clean boats with an engine and engine room that looks well maintained, are easier and more pleasant to survey. The photos in your report will show a clean engine and bilge and leave a favorable impression of your service with the insurance company and a potential buyer. This helps with a quicker sale and higher value.

Using the most efficient equipment and biodegradable emulsifiers, we have perfected a SOFT WASH to achieve the best results. Steam and hot water serve to gently wash even built-up grease away. We use only low pressure (about 25% of a commercial power washer) which preserves the coating on metals, cables, hoses, connectors, and even fiberglass. In contrast, a high-pressure wash will remove the protective coating that is on 90% of the engine room components, causing premature wear and failure.

Our main objective is aligned with yours – –

To have a clean boat to survey which can get more accurate survey results. The other benefits should not be overlooked.

The benefits to you, the surveyor are:

  1. A clean environment in which to work.
  2. Reduced clean-up time for equipment and clothes.
  3. Reduced likelihood of Accidentally soiling other parts of the boat.
  4. A more thorough and accurate survey as a result of being able to see all components and connections.

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