Affordable Bilge Cleaning, LLC (ABC) has been growing it’s client base for 3+ years on Florida’s Gold Coast.

They specialize in engine/bilge cleaning, detailing, and painting, all done using efficient and cost-effective techniques.

Two generally accepted facts are:

  1. The #1 reason for losing a sale is the smell and appearance below deck.
  2. Clean boats with an engine/bilge that look well-maintained, sell quicker and produce higher prices.

Our main objective is aligned with yours – – get quicker sales and higher prices for your listings. A clean boat accomplishes both objectives, but many overlook the importance of a clean engine and bilge.

Cleaning includes a hand spray and scrub with EPA approved emulsifier, This is followed by a ’Soft Wash’ with steam/hot water, hand dry, and removal of dirty water.

Detailing- – includes removal of peeling paint and rust with a rust treatment/preventive coating making the surfaces ready for painting.

Painting – – includes sanding and protection of all sensitive areas before applying primer and finish coat to client specification. Paint thickness is measured to assure yacht standards.

What makes us different ...

  • Our staff pass complete background and reference checks.
  • All workers are evaluated DAILY on the Quality (not the time) to receive bonuses.
  • Clean engines run cooler and are more efficient for that trial run.
  • Reduced odor throughout the vessel.
  • Improved reliability and early problem detection using clean engine diapers to detect leaks.
  • Detailing leaves engine rooms and bilges ready to paint
  • Reduced fire hazard.
  • Reduced deterioration of components and structures caused by high pressure wash.
  • Reduced potential fine of $5,000 for even small EPA infractions of oil/fuel spills.

The managers of ABC have a combined total of 40+ years of marine experience. Our service is completely portable and self-contained. We can service most vessels whether afloat or ashore. All waste products are removed according to EPA “chain-of-custody” rules and disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner.

Free Site Visit and Estimate.

Please contact us for a free site visit and an estimate for our service. We provide a quick response, but advance notice lets us minimize travel.

All waste products are removed according to EPA “chain-of-custody” rules and disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner. Contact ABC for a free site visit and an estimate.

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